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I've been working out again.

2009-09-15 12:38:12 by EggSnake

Thusly I have not been on here lately. I am 175 pounds and only slightly fat, which is good figuring that I was trying to stay that weight without working out, though now I will have to begin almost anew. Oh and I have also officially quit smoking due to lack of funding. I haven't smoked a cigarette in a month, and this is good because I have smoked a pack and a half a day for 7 years. So good health all around for everyone.

Art Portal Shows its Love

2009-06-22 08:44:27 by EggSnake

Yay! I've been scouted! Fantastic day!


2009-06-10 15:29:49 by EggSnake

My fucking thread was deleted today from general and they banned me for 3 days.


The reason? They claim it was a PARODY of some other retarded Zelda post. Of the millions of the posts about Zelda on this really idiotic site that could all be parodies, they deleted mine.

I feel that this is a legitimate thread, and will now encourage comments on the topic here.


Back after absence

2009-05-27 03:09:55 by EggSnake

Sorry that I've been missing from the forum for awhile. I had yet another middle ear infection, making this number 4 in a year, and the second one in the left ear. I had to stick it out because a hospital visit and prescription for one is about 300 dollars U.S., so that's right out. I don't know why I have such bad health, but if I die from any of it I will be relieved, because I'm sick of the shit.

more forum posts

2009-05-14 07:27:50 by EggSnake

My house's power went out for 2 days due to WIND. Joplin weather sucks. Anyways I have been making more stuff to post, you will see it in the art forum.

ha, check out the ad here

2009-05-04 23:06:44 by EggSnake

I noticed at the bottom left an ad for human egg donation And an ad for pictures of giant snakes.

heres a sketch for you

ha, check out the ad here

thanks for the welcome!

2009-05-04 18:14:31 by EggSnake

Hey Yall. I appreciate everyone who reads this. Here's a drawing you won't find on any forum post.

"Death in Black"

thanks for the welcome!